Aggregate Metrics

Commerce Metrics Formulas

Rutter supports the ability to fetch commerce metrics from a commerce connection. This can be used to compute metrics such as Total Revenue without additional engineering work.

If you need a metric that is not currently supported, please contact us directly. We're happy to build new metrics as needed.

The metrics supported are listed below, along with the formula used to compute them:

Commerce MetricMetric Name (Used as Param)Formula
Total Revenuetotal_revenueSum of all order totals in a month
Total Orderstotal_ordersCount of all orders in a month
Active Customersactive_customersCount of all distinct customers who placed an order in a month (Note: Does not include customers who don't sign in)
Refund Raterefund_rateSum of all refunded orders in a month / Sum of all orders in a month