Quickstart Guide

Welcome to our Quickstart guide! If you're eager to explore our API, we've simplified the process for you through Postman, which allows you to easily test API queries and see the results. Simply navigate to our Postman collection to get started. Run in Postman

Initialize Your Workspace

Select 'Collections', choose 'Rutter API Endpoints', and then 'Create a fork'.

Initialize your workspace in Postman

Set Up the Environment

Go to 'Environments', select 'Rutter Sandbox Public', and 'Create a Fork'.

Set up the environment in Postman

Activate the Sandbox

Change the Environment to 'Rutter Sandbox Public' by using the drop-down menu in the upper-right corner.

Select environment called Rutter Sandbox Public

Access Environment Settings

In the upper-right corner, near the Environment selection, click the 'Environment Quick Look' button, then 'Edit'.

Quicklook at Environment Settings

Configure Your Credentials

You'll need to input a number of environment variables to successfully make Postman calls. Head to your Rutter Dashboard to continue.

Fill out client_id, client_secret, and public_key in Postman

Go to the API Keys in the Rutter dashboard. Copy and paste the following values from Rutter into Postman. Paste the values into both the INITIAL VALUE and the CURRENT VALUE fields in Postman.

  1. client_id
  2. client_secret (the variable in Postman is called secret)
  3. public_key

Go to the Connections tab. Click on the three dots on the righthand side of the connection you wish to test and select "Copy Access Token". Then, paste that into the access_token field in the Postman environment. Be sure to paste into both the INITIAL VALUE and the CURRENT VALUE fields in Postman.

Save Your Configuration

Now that you've entered all necessary environment variables, remember to save your changes. Ensure both the INITIAL VALUE and the CURRENT VALUE fields are populated and match for client_id, secret, public_key, and access_token.

Hit the save button in Postman

Start Exploring

You're all prepared! Hit Send and begin your journey with our API.

Send your request in Postman