Rutter API Reference

Rutter is a simple RESTful API that makes it easy to read and write data across all major e-commerce platforms, accounting systems, and payment processors.

To get started, click through the endpoints to learn more about the functionality across our APIs and check out our Postman Collection to test our API endpoints.


API reference pages are divided by the object with which the endpoints interact. For example, there is a single page for Bill Payments, but within the page there are endpoints for creating, updating, and listing bill payments.

Each API reference page has roughly three sections:

  • Overview - A brief description of the Rutter entity and the set of endpoints.
  • Object - A description of the object representing the associated data model.
  • Endpoints - A list of endpoints available in the API. This will include a description of the endpoint, the HTTP method, the request and response body, and platform support.


To view coverage by endpoint

  • Click on the object you are interested in on the left sidebar.
  • Scroll to the endpoint you are interested in, and find the 'Supported Platforms' list.

To view coverage by platform

  • Go to the Platform Coverage page on the sidebar on the left.
  • Select the platform you are interested in to view a list of supported endpoints.