The sandbox environment makes it easy to test out the REST APIs without the need to connect to an underlying platform.

Sandbox connections can be created through the Rutter dashboard by toggling to Sandbox mode, navigating to Connections, and selecting Create New Connection.

Every organization created after December 2023 will come pre-loaded with sandbox connections for all supported platforms (see below).

Keep in mind that sandbox connections should not be integrated into your final product, as they do not match production for all features. They are only intended to test out the APIs and understand what request & response payloads should look like.

Syncing Sandbox Connections

When a new sandbox connection is created, an initial sync will be run in the same way that it would for a production connection. This may take several minutes to complete, and a INITIAL_UPDATE webhook will be sent on completion of the sync.

Incremental sync is not currently enabled for sandbox connections, so in order to test syncing a new sandbox connection will need to be made.

Additionally, sandbox will always use a default data fetch configuration where all entities are enabled -- this cannot be updated and will be used for all sandbox connections.

Supported Platforms and Endpoints

Supported Platforms:


All GET endpoints which are normally supported by these platforms are currently supported, with the exception of /accounting/bank_feeds and all /metrics endpoints.

The following POST/PATCH endpoints are also supported.

(Please note that these are stateless - i.e., the API call will return the new/updated values, but the results will not be persisted).

Supported POST/PATCH Endpoints: