Make your first connection

Creating Connections

  1. Sign into the Rutter dashboard
  2. Navigate to the Rutter Link page
    • Toggle your desired platform(s) to enable it in Rutter Link
    • Hit 'Save' Save
  3. Navigate to the connections page a. Click 'Create a Connection' Creating a Connection b. Copy the Rutter link_url and open it in a new tab or window. This will open up and begin the Rutter Link flow Rutter Link URL
  4. Click 'Continue' in Rutter Link Rutter Link
  5. Select the platform that you want to connect Selecting a Platform
  6. Enter the platform specific information and follow the steps when redirected to the platforms website to install/authorize the platform app to your test store
    • After successfully installing the platform app to your test store you'll see the 'Authentication Complete' page
    • If you specified a 'Direct App Install Redirect URL' then you will be redirected here after successful authentication Successful Auth

Fetching Data

  1. You can leverage a platform such as Postman to make calls to the Rutter API.
  2. Sign into the Rutter dashboard
  3. Your Rutter client_id and client_secret can be found in the Rutter dashboard home page Rutter Credentials Rutter Credentials
  4. Your connection access token can be found in the Rutter dashboard connections page Rutter Access Token
  5. Create a new Postman API request for your desired Rutter endpoint
  6. Enter your connection access token in the Params tab Postman Params
  7. Navigate to Postman's Authorization tab and select the 'Basic Auth' type. Enter your Rutter Client ID for the username and Rutter Secret Key for the password. Postman Authorization

You can now start making requests to the Rutter API!