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Xero guide

Note: By default, your Xero app will have an authentication limit of 25 connections. In order to increase this, you will need to apply to become a Xero app partner. Here is the guide for applying to becoming a Xero app partner.

Create a Xero app

  1. Log in to Xero Developer with your Xero credentials.

  2. Click New App at the top right Xero New App

  3. Fill out the Add a new app popup window.

    • App name: The name for the Xero application. This is shown to users when they authorize your access to their accounting data.
    • Integration type: Select Web App.
    • Company or application URL: Enter the URL to your company’s website.
    • Redirect URI: Enter

    Agree to the terms and conditions and click Create App. Xero Create App

  4. Your app should now be visible on the My Apps page. Xero App

Retrieve your app’s secure keys

  1. Click My Apps in the top navigation bar, then select your application.
  2. Click Configuration in the left pane. Xero Config
  3. Click Generate a secret.
  4. Copy the Client secret and store it in a safe place. If you leave the configuration page, the client secret won’t be visible anymore and you’ll have to generate a new one if you forget it.

Share your Client Id and Client Secret with Rutter

  1. Log in to the Rutter Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Platforms → Accounting and click on Xero.
  3. Enter your Xero app’s Client ID and Client Secret in the Xero configuration page. Xero Platform Page

Connect to your Xero app

  1. Log in to the Rutter Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Connections and click on Create New Connection in the top right.
  3. Copy the Shareable Url. Xero URL
  4. This url will open up the auth flow. Xero Auth Flow
  5. Click Continue and select Xero as your platform. Rutter Platform Page
  6. Click Xero and then click _Connect Xero.
  7. You should be redirected to a login page for Xero. Enter your credentials and click Log in.
  8. Click on Allow access. Xero Access
  9. You should be redirected to a page indicating a successful connection. Xero Success