Aggregate Metrics

Accounting Metrics Formulas

Rutter supports the ability to fetch accounting metrics from an accounting connection. This can be used to compute metrics such as EBITDA without additional engineering work.

If you need a metric that is not currently supported, please contact us directly. We're happy to build new metrics as needed.

The metrics supported are listed below, along with the formula used to compute them:

Accounting MetricMetric Name (Used as Param)Formula
EBITDAebitdaNet Income + D & A + Interest
EBITDA Marginebitda_marginEBITDA / Total Income
Net Operating Incomenet_operating_incomeLifted from Income Statement
Depreciation Expensedepreciation_expenseSum of accounts with “depreciation” in name
Amortization Expenseamortization_expenseSum of accounts with “Amortization” in name
Interest Expenseinterest_expenseSum of accounts with “interest” in name
Gross Profit Margingross_profit_margin(Total Income - Total Cost of Goods Sold) / (Total Income)
Total Incometotal_incomeLifted from income statement
Cost of Goods Soldcost_of_goods_soldLifted from income statement
Net Incomenet_incomeLifted from income statement
Current Ratiocurrent_ratioCurrent Assets / Current Liabilities
Working Capitalworking_capitalCurrent Assets - Current Liabilities
Current Liabilitiescurrent_liabilitiesLifted from Balance Sheet
Current Assetscurrent_assetsLifted from Balance Sheets
Quick Ratioquick_ratio(Current Assets - Total Inventory - Total Prepaid Expenses) / (Current Liabilities - Total Unearned Revenue)
InventoryinventorySum of asset accounts with “Inventory” in name
Unearned Revenuesunearned_revenuesSum of Liability Accounts with “Unearned Revenue” in name
Prepaid Expensesprepaid_expensesSum of asset accounts with “Prepaid” in name
Enterprise Free Cash Flowenterprise_free_cash_flowNet Income + Change in working Capital + Capex + interest expense * (1 - tax rate) + D&A
Change in working Capitalchange_in_working_capitalWorking capital of current period - working capital of prior period
Capexcapital_expenditureTotal Investing Activity from Cash flow Statement
Debt Service Coverage Ratiodebt_service_coverage_ratioEnterprise Free Cash Flow / Total Debt Service
Debt Servicedebt_serviceInterest Paid from income statement + Rental Expense + Principal Paid