Platform Guides

Netsuite guide
  1. Open the NetSuite Search & Install Bundles Menu
  2. Search for: AccountLink AccountLink Bundle
  3. Ensure that the ID is correct (ID: 451666) and click Install AccountLink Bundle Note: If there are any conflicts on the Bundle Installation page, the safe solution would be to 'Add and Rename'

Enable SuiteCloud features

  1. Open the NetSuite Enable Features Page
  2. Navigate to the SuiteCloud tab inside your setup page
  3. Enable the following features:
    • SuiteScript - CLIENT SUITESCRIPT
    • SuiteScript - SERVER SUITESCRIPT SuiteScript Features
    • SuiteTalk (Web Services) - REST WEB SERVICES SuiteScript Features
    • Manage Authentication - TOKEN-BASED AUTHENTICATION Authentication
  4. Click Save

Confirm Setup

Please confirm that you have successfully completed the following steps:

  1. Ensure that the 'AccountLink' Bundle (ID: 451666) has finished installation (Check the Installed Bundles Page and wait for there to be a green checkmark under Status). AccountLink Bundle
  2. Ensure that the required SuiteCloud features have been enabled.