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Ebay guide

Create an Ebay app and configure it so that you can process store data through Rutter

  1. Sign up for the Ebay Developer Program
  2. Fill out the onboarding questionnaire
  3. In the Developer dashboard, click on the Production Environment checkbox and go to the User Tokens (eBay Sign-in) tab
  4. Under "Get a Token from eBay via Your Application", click "Add eBay Redirect URL", check the "OAuth Enabled" box, and set the following (you can find your Rutter organization ID here):
    • Display category: "Platform Guides" title: $(YOUR_COMPANY_NAME)
    • Your privacy policy URL:
    • Your auth accepted URL:${YOUR_RUTTER_ORG_ID}/link-redirect
    • Your auth declined URL: the page you want the user to return to if the authentication was unsuccessful. eBay Token
  5. Under "Your eBay Sign-in Branding", upload your logo to the logo library and check the "Enable Application Branding" box. eBay Sign In
  6. Add your About URL
  7. Click on Save Branding
  8. Go to the Alerts & Notifications tab
    • Add as the email responsible for Marketplace Account Deletion
    • Set the Marketplace Account Deletion Notification endpoint to be${YOUR_RUTTER_ORG_ID}/account-deletion
  9. Set the verification token to be n1bjkEJk3rZG5OltT8aBlWLWEsM0GG4Yasdf Verification Token
  10. Go to your profile in the top right corner ➡️ Application Keysets. Grab your App ID and Cert ID (Client Secret) from either your sandbox or production app. App Keysets
  11. Go to and copy your App ID and Cert ID (Client Secret) into the Rutter config (API Key and API Secret Key fields).