PayPal guide

Create a PayPal app and configure it so that you can process payments data through Rutter

Types of Apps

  • PayPal only has 1 type of app, the OAuth app

OAuth App

  1. For most customers, they need access to the PayPal Transaction Search API, which requires becoming a PayPal Partner.
  2. Enroll in the PayPal Partner Program
  3. After becoming a partner login/signup to the PayPal Developer Dashboard
  4. Create a new “Live” Application PayPal Live App
  5. In the Live Return URL, fill in${YOUR_RUTTER_ORG_ID}/redirect. Once we add this to the URL should be dynamically generated. You can find your Rutter organization ID here. PayPal Live App
  6. Make sure you enable all permissions PayPal Live App
  7. Go to the Rutter Dashboard PayPal Platform Page and put in the Client ID and Secret


  1. Do I need to become a Paypal partner to use the API?
    • Yes, you do, in order to get access to the Transactions Search API.
  2. How long does it take to become a Paypal partner?
    • It depends on how fast PayPal responds back to you with an update. Some customers have finished in 2 weeks, while others it takes a month or 2.