SquareSpace guide

Create a Squarespace app and configure it so that you can process payments and storefront data through Rutter

  1. Create a Squarespace application. Please make sure you input your information here accurately as modifying them requires contacting Squarespace support (you can find your Rutter organization ID here).
    • Set the Redirect URL to be https://production.rutterapi.com/squarespace/proxy/${YOUR_RUTTER_ORG_ID}/redirect
    • Set the Initiate URL to be https://production.rutterapi.com/squarespace/proxy/${YOUR_RUTTER_ORG_ID}/initiate
  2. The Squarespace team will send you an email from SendSafely containing your OAuth credentials
  3. Go to https://dashboard.rutterapi.com/platforms/squarespace and copy your Client ID and Client Secret into the Rutter config.
  4. Go to https://dashboard.rutterapi.com/customize expand on Platforms, and enable Squarespace.

Create a SquareSpace Test Store

  1. Go to https://www.squarespace.com/ and click LOGIN
  2. Click CREATE ACCOUNT on the top right Account
  3. Choose your preferred way to create the account
  4. Pick Online Store and pick any template Store
  5. Fill in site title
  6. Keep clicking next and get started
  7. You have to subscribe in order to use Squarespace test store. Click Subscribe bottom below Subscribe
  8. You will need to purchase at least Business plan and finish payment Plan
  9. (Optional) If you want to place test orders while developing your app, go to Commerce → Payments, and make a Stripe account and choose Stripe. You can use Stripe test credit card to purchase on this store. Payment Payment

Launch Your Squarespace App

  • In order to get featured in Squarespace app marketplace, you will need to have significant traffic and email your Squarespace contact todo that. You don't need to go through app approval process to have merchant connect to your app.