Lazada guide

  1. Sign up for a Lazada developer account
  2. Go to your email and confirm the email address with the Email Verification Code to register the Lazada account.

Setting up your Lazada App

Create Your App

  1. Once you are logged into your account, go to the APP Console tab. Click “Create” to create a new application.
    • In the tab “Select App Category”, select “Create” for Seller In-house APP.
    • In the tab “Fill App Information”, fill in the relevant information (you can find your Rutter organization ID here):
      • App Name: {Your company name} Rutter Integration
      • Callback URL:${YOUR_RUTTER_ORG_ID}/redirect-url
  2. For App Description and App Logo, enter values at your own discretion

Configuring Your App Key and Secret

  1. After creating your Lazada Application, return to the App List and click on manage in the row corresponding to your new app.
  2. Scroll down to the section Advanced Information, and record your App Key and App Secret
    • App Key ⇒ OAuth Client ID
    • App Key ⇒ OAuth Client Secret
  3. Now, exit the Lazada developer dashboard and go to
    • Enter your credentials in the corresponding fields, and Click “Save OAuth Information”