Etsy guide

Create an Etsy app and configure it so that you can process store data through Rutter.

Create an Etsy App

  1. Register for an Etsy developer account
  2. Confirm your email address and set up 2-Factor Authentication
  3. Create a new Etsy App
  4. Fill in App Name, Describe your application, and Website URL
    • Within the Describe your application, make sure you include a video link that is a screen recording of your test store authorization process: from your frontend, to Rutter popup, to redirecting back to your website that shows authorization is successful.
  5. Fill in the App Details
    • Set "What type of application are you building?" to Seller Tools
    • Set "Who will be the users of this application?" to "A small group of users"
    • Set "Is your application commercial?" to "No"
    • Set "Will your app do any of the following?" to "Upload or edit listings" and "Read sales data"
  6. Be sure to read the Etsy API Terms of Use, then click on "Create App" to submit for approval
  7. Once approved, add{YOUR_ORG_ID}/redirect-url to your app's callback URLs. You can find your Rutter organization ID here
  8. Next, request for commercial access for your app.
  9. Once approved, you can start authenticating merchants.

Create an Etsy Test Store

  1. Create an Etsy Shop
    • You can fake most of the information, but requires inputting in real Bank and Credit Card details
  2. Put your shop into Developer Mode once your app is approved

Configure Rutter Once App is Approved

  1. Go to and copy your Keystring and Shared Secret into the Rutter config.
  2. Go to, expand on Platforms, and enable Etsy.