Shopify Guide

This guide gives an overview of setting up a Shopify app. Read more below for the two different types of Shopify apps and the corresponding setup process for each of them.

Types of Shopify Apps

There are three types of Shopify Apps. Rutter only Supports 1 and 3:

  1. Public: Created in the Partner Dashboard
  2. Custom: Created in the Partner Dashboard
  3. Custom: Created in the Shopify Admin

Public Apps

Public apps, which use OAuth must go through Shopify approval. Pros

  • 1 click install and never gets confused. easy to determine what data they are sharing with the merchant. Cons
  • 2-3 weeks to fully complete the flow. Shopify has to approve any apps that are OAuth and has to be reviewed by them. However, you can get started today by using the custom app flow outlined below.
  • Fintech apps are very difficult to get approval, please ask for help

Shopify Public App Setup

Custom Apps (Created in the Shopify Admin Panel)

This is the default flow set by Rutter due to it not needing any approvals from the Shopify team. The Custom app flow requires merchants to complete additional app configuration at the time of authentication.

Shopify Custom App Setup

  1. Get started by using the Custom App Setup Guide
  2. At the same time (depending on your needs), begin applying for the Shopify App Approval Process by following the Public App Setup Guide