Wix guide

Create a Wix app and configure it so that you can process payments and storefront data through Rutter

Create a Wix app

  1. Sign up for a Wix developer account
  2. Go to your email and confirm the email address for registering the Wix account.
  3. Navigate to the apps page and create an app.
  4. Go to Dashboard → OAuth. You can find your Rutter organization ID here.
    • Set the Redirect URL to be https://production.rutterapi.com/wix/proxy/${YOUR_RUTTER_ORG_ID}/redirect-url
    • Set the App URL to be https://production.rutterapi.com/wix/proxy/${YOUR_RUTTER_ORG_ID}/app-url URL
  5. Go to Dashboard → Permissions → Add Permissions
    • Add the permission Wix Stores - Manage stores - all permissions Permissions
  6. Go to Dashboard → Webhooks → Click Add Webhook
    • On API Category, select Wix Stores Store
  7. Check boxes on Fulfillment Deleted, Product Deleted, Order Canceled, and fill in https://production.rutterapi.com/wix/proxy/${YOUR_RUTTER_ORG_ID/webhooks and then click Save
  8. On API Category, select Wix Developers
  9. Check boxes on App Installed, App Removed and fill in https://production.rutterapi.com/wix/proxy/${YOUR_RUTTER_ORG_ID/webhooks and then click Save
  10. Scroll down to "Public key" → Click "Open" → Share the Public Key with your Rutter onboarding team member.
  11. Go to Dashboard → Components → Add Components → Dashboard Component Dashboard
  12. For Page URL, enter the login page for merchant to log into your service
    • For Page URL, enter the login page for merchant to log into your service Login
  13. Go to Dashboard → OAuth, and see you have AppID and AppSecret Key, Copy those two information App ID
  14. Go to https://dashboard.rutterapi.com/platforms/wix and copy your App ID and App Secret Key into the Rutter config.
  15. Go to https://dashboard.rutterapi.com/customize expand on Platforms, and enable Wix. Rutter Dashboard
  16. Go back to Components and click Test Your App → App Market Website Component
  17. This will open a new page as a preview what it will look like when user find your app on Wix app marketplace. Click Add to Site to test and make sure this authorization flow works as well. Auth
  18. Make sure you have set up Direct App Install Redirect URL on https://dashboard.rutterapi.com/platforms. This will be the redirect URL for all platforms that have an App Marketplace (Wix, Shopify, BigCommerce, etc) URL

Create a Wix Test Store

  1. Go to wix.com
  2. Click Create New Site Site
  3. Choose Online Store then hit Next Store
  4. Click Next
  5. Keep clicking skip until see following page, uncheck chat and click NextUnder Let Wix ADI Create a Website for You, click Start Now Create Create
  6. On Business name: Type the name you want for this store
  7. Click Skip → Next
  8. Choose any theme and click Continue Theme
  9. Pick any design Click Publish Publish
  10. Skip on Add Pages to your site Site
  11. (Optional) If you want to set up placing test orders, you have to set up Business & Ecommerce plan at: https://manage.wix.com/wix/api/premiumStart

Launch Your Wix App on Wix Marketplace

  • Wix usually takes 2 weeks to finish reviewing your app. You won't be able to launch your app without going through the approval process. Please follow this checklist on what you need for a smooth launch (Please note: Holidays in Israel can delay the Wix approval process):
    1. Go to https://dev.wix.com/, click My Apps and select the App you will launch
    2. Click Market Listing, and you will need to fill in information in all 5 sections: App Info, Media, Pricing, Get Found, App Audience
      • On media, if you want to submit video, please make sure you include Wix logo in the video. Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Lqxj1wZoHQ App
    3. Click Dashboard → Contact Info, and fill in email addresses for all three cases Contact Info
    4. Hover your mouse to the top right profile icon and click Company Info, you will need to fill in everything in this section Company Info Company Info
    5. Go back to the App and click App Submissions. At this point, you should have fulfilled everything in the checklist. Click on Continue to Submit
    6. You will be asked to provide a testing instruction and a test account for Wix app reviewer to test your functionality.
      • We recommend you create a test account on your own service, and only allow that account to authorize Wix store such that Wix reviewers can test the flow end to end, without exposing Wix connection feature to your customers before it's approved by Wix, because if Wix has not approved your app, no other Wix merchant can connect to your app. App Review
    7. Wait on an email front Wix app reviews on the next step.