WooCommerce guide

WooCommerce is a self-hosted platform that leverages WordPress. Once you enable WooCommerce in your Rutter dashboard, no additional configuration is needed to start having your customers authenticate and connect their WooCommerce stores via Rutter Link. You can follow our guide on creating Rutter connections to learn how to test out creating connections with Rutter Link.

Enabling WooCommerce

  1. Go to the customize page in your Rutter dashboard and turn the WooCommerce toggle on and hit 'Save' Rutter Dashboard
  • No additional configuration is needed beyond this point. You can start having your customers authencitate their WooCommerce stores via Rutter Link. Follow the steps below if you want to create your own WooCommerce test store.

Creating a WooCommerce Store

  1. Go to WooCommerce's website and click 'Get Started' and sign up for a WordPress account. Getting Started
  2. Congrats! You now have a Woocommerce test store. You'll now be able to login to your test store via your WordPress credentials at WordPress.com . Feel free to complete as many initial setup steps as you need for your specific use case WooCommerce Test Store
  • You can now use Rutter Link to create a connection while you remain logged in to your WooCommerce test store (must be the same browser that you're using Rutter Link in to authenticate). Your site name can be found in your WordPress dashboard. Rutter Link