Sage Business Cloud guide

Create a Sage Business Cloud app and configure it so that you can process accounting data through Rutter.

Create a Sage Business Cloud App

  1. Pre-req: Make sure you have a Developer Account set up for Sage Business Cloud. Follow the instructions to register for an account here:
  2. Navigate to your Sage Business Cloud Dashboard and click on “Create app” following the official instruction. Fill in the app name and set the callback urls to include as a redirect URI.

Share your production client_id and client_secret with Rutter

  1. First, get the client_id and client_secret from Sage. To do this:
    • Navigate to app you just created in the step above. Find the client_id and client_secret under App Credentials
  2. Then, share these two values to Rutter by entering them in the Dashboard:
    • Login to the Rutter Dashboard
    • Make sure you’re in Production Mode. Navigate to Platforms, select the Accounting menu, and click on Sage Business Cloud.
    • Copy the client_id and client_secret into the text boxes and click Save.

Log in to the Dashboard and Open up the Auth flow

  1. On the Rutter Dashboard, navigate to Connections on the sidebar. Click Create New Connection on the top right. Create a new Connection
  2. Copy the shareable URL below. Shareable URL
  3. The url will open up the auth flow where you can select Sage Business Cloud from the platforms selection menu.
  4. The merchant connects to Sage Business Cloud by signing into their Sage account to authenticate.

On Completion

  • You should see the following screen, indicating a successful connection: Successful Auth